How to transcribe WhatsApp Audio Messages

Why transcribe WhatsApp audio messages?

Some people may ask, “Why transcribe audio messages? Isn’t it easier to just listen to them?”

First of all, listening to long recordings is time consuming and tedious.
Second, there’s no way to search for keywords or get a specific piece of information from the message.
Third, even if you wanted to take notes on what was said in the message itself, you might not be able to do so.
Imagine yourself driving or working out in the gym when you receive an important voice message. You can listen to it but if you want a summary of what is being said so that you can take action on it later then you need transcription for WhatsApp audio messages!

How to transcribe WhatsApp audio messages with

How to transcribe WhatsApp audio messages? It's very simple! Just forward the audio message you're interested in transcribing to "" and we'll send it back to you in a WhatsApp message within 60 seconds—no app download required.

What does the app offer?

All you have to do is send an audio message to a friend or group of friends, and as soon as you tap the Send button, the audio will be transcribed within WhatsApp. No app installation is required. This works with any phone. Transcriptions are delivered in under 60 seconds!